Valarie Barbour was born and raised in North Carolina, the state known as The Furntiure Capitol of the World.  When Valarie joined the furniture industry many years ago, she discovered that the fact that she grew up in North Carolina had a real purpose.  She discovered for the first time ever that she had truly found her niche in life.  She was especially inspired by the 17th and 18th century antique reproductions, but her taste expanded as she realized the styles and offerings of the furniture industry were endless.  So, after the closing of a company for which she was Vice President of Sales, she decided it was time to start her own company!  She also decided to make a few changes, for example, she works with the warehouse to have each container fully unpacked as soon as it is unloaded.  The warehouse always has all pieces unpacked within a day, and then she goes to the warehouse and personally inspects each piece that arrived.  She believes very strongly in being customer oriented, and making customers happy is her main goal with her company. Her tremendous desire to continue offering these lovely pieces, as well as many interesting pieces yet to come, to the customers with whom she had enjoyed working for so many years, made her stop and think about the mistakes she had witnessed in the past.  So, with a desire to put the customers first, she is determined not to make the same mistakes with her company.    

Valarie is quite excited about the industry, and is always looking for new and interesting pieces to add to her collection.  She loves working with designers and assisting them in selecting the perfect items for their projects.  Tell her what you need and the specifications for your project, and she will do a thorough search to find the perfect piece(s) to help to make your project a true success.  Custom dimensions and custom finishes are not a problem. To Valarie, making customers and their clients happy is not only her goal, but her true calling in life!

AGR:  The main furniture factory Valarie represents is AGR.  AGR makes ECO Friendly furntiure.  AGR's owner also manages the company and works many hours each day to make the furniture that we order a true success.  The team of production workers and Finishers take enormous pride in their work and really like to know that they are making the US customers happy.  AGR has a huge selection of products because they never discontinue anything.  The owner realizes that trends change and sometimes come back to the way they were.  The current owner actually was the Manager of the company for many years and after becoming the owner, she has done a great job wIth quality control and all aspects of the factory.  And, in addition to having all items that they have ever made available to us, they are still introducing new ones with the upscale quality we are accustomed to and demand.  The factory owner also personally inspects each piece before it is loaded into the container. We have been extremely pleased with the quality and craftmanship of each piece.  AGR will customize any piece for you by changing the height, width or depth, and making it to fit your specifications. If you like a piece, but prefer not to have so much carving, then AGR will make it the way you want it!  You may add carving, change carving or simply ask that part or all of it be removed. You can even email us a photo with dimensions that AGR has never seen and they can duplicate it perfectly, and to your specifications.  I have seen some of these pieces and look in amazement at the perfection.  The factory also offers 48 different finishes, some stained, but mostly painted, however, they will match any finish, so customers can select a Custom Finish and the factory will match it at no upcharge.


AMPAC FORWARDING: www.ampacforwarding.com

AMPAC is the warehouse to which Valarie has all of the containers delivered once they are released by Customs at the port of arrival.  Ampac has a great reputation in High Point and around the nation.  They are very meticulous as well, and, they too inspect each piece after unloading it from the containers. The owner, Kregg Kinnear owns 5 different warehouses in High Point.  Because of Ampac's great reputation, the company continues to grow and is a leader in the Warehousing of Furniture, offering many other services as well.  Ampac also has their own trucking company that will do White Glove delivery for many customers.  Valarie greatly appreciates the way Kregg and his team have worked with her and encouraged her as she began this venture.  Click the link above to Ampac's website and you can see for youself.


Christine Lopp has been doing touch ups and repairs at Ampac's location for more years than we wish to count, and she too does a great job.  We wouldn't think of using anyone else.   And, in addition to the fact that she has her own workshop, Ampac provides a spacious area for her to work on the larger pieces of furniture that she can not always take to her workshop.  From minor touchups to refinishing, Christine does a fantastic job!  If there is a piece in stock and a customer wants it in a different finish, Christine is the person we recommend.  She is fair with her pricing and very much in demand by many companies in and around High Point.  We greatly appreciate Christine's dedication to our company, and we also appreciate Ampac for granting her the space to work on our pieces in the warehouse rather than moving them to another location. 
























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